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Name:Kurt Ships :: Anything Kurt...
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Community description:everything Kurt Hummel / Chris Colfer related is welcome
This is a mirror site for the LJ Community KurtShips. More content is also available there.

kurtships ♦ RULES ♣ sample fic header ♥ TAG info ♠ links
This is a Kurt Hummel shippers fan community. Everything Kurt Hummel/Chris Colfer related and ALL gen, friendships and pairings are welcome and encouraged as long as Kurt is a main character or in the main pairing. Both Het and Slash are allowed. Post your Kurt fanart, fanmix, recs, video, and more! Just make sure you check the complete list of available tags for tagging info.

Also proud to bring you:
• No Advertising. Glee-related promotions will only be allowed with mod permission.
• Keep topics Kurt-related.
• The following MUST be placed under an cut: spoilers, more than 3 icons, images/graphics larger than 400 pixels, long interviews.
• Keep swearing to a minimum.
• Put all non-G-rated fic/pics/etc. behind cuts with warnings.
• Absolutely NO flaming/bashing!
• No plagiarism!
• No intro posts - use the friend meme.
Word Count:
Author's Note:

Mention in summary if fic is AU and use the -crossover tag if your fic or pairing is a crossover. Also, use the -rpf tag if your fic or pairing deals with real people.
Tags (in use) are here. A complete list of available tags is here. Use all that apply to your post.

Go ahead and post your entries. Mods will then create and add author tags for your future use.

If you post both fanfic and fanart, your tag will be changed to reflect that (i.e. artist/author: lj username).

There's now a kurt&sam tag!
(If the character exists, you can ship it - just as with any other character. ;D)
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